Start Your Project

Here, we show you the typical steps on how we can help you build your website and online presence.

1. Goal and Purpose

Tell us about your business and the goal of your website. These questions will help determine the functionality of your site and overall user flows.

We agree on logistics, such as your expectations, deadlines, delivery, and budget.

2. Mood Board and Sitemap

At this point, we start finding images, be it graphic design elements or inspirations from other sites that might work well for you. You can tell us what you like and hope to achieve with your site.

We will create a mood board that combines all those images to help you have a good understanding of what we can achieve.

We also create a sitemap or a list of pages your website will need at this stage.

3. Blueprint

Now, it’s time to create some very low-fidelity (lo-fi) mockups of the website. We use a set of white and gray boxes, wireframes, to show you where each element—photo, video, or text—goes on your website.

This allows you to see the big picture of your website before making decisions on the actual design details.

4.  Design and Revisions

If you need any photos or videos for your team and business, now is the time to do it. We can visit your business site or have your team in our photography studio.

At the same time we start working on the design—logo, font, images, text. Let’s give life to the wireframes we just crated!

We also want to hear your feedback during the revision stage to make sure you are happy with the design.

5. Development

Now, we should be on the same page regarding the visuals and appearance of your website.

You can relax while we handle the rest. We will take care of the coding part and put everything onto a server. Your site will be online in no time!

6. Pre-launch and Launch

After we finish building your website, we would like you to perform a final check. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with what we are going to launch.

Once you approve, let’s launch your website and present your business to the world!

We will keep monitoring your website for 30 days to make sure everything runs smoothly and meets your expectations.