London Fashion Week 2016 with Fashion Scout & Glass Pineapple


Nothing Sells better than a good story.

Maps Studios tell good stories of young creatives and start-uppers.


images help to tell the stories with impact and emotion.

Fashion Week Runways and Interviews Show-reel


Our Coverage of Various Events during London Design Festival


make your story heard and Shared.



spice your story Up, reach to the most prosperous markets.

Chinese social media 'Wechat' has more than 500 million users and 'Wechat Offical Account' is becoming one of the most commonly used channel for the Chinese to consume information.

At Maps, we provide social media content management, which is specialized on platforms like 'Wechat' and 'Weibo'. 


Our Wechat Account: ControlGrp.


Product Shots for Tommy Zhong & Octavia Yang


Enrich your story with quality images.

From fashion film, editorial to product shots, we provide various image solutions for your story. Check our 'photography' and 'film' tab for more.


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